Hand Hewn Reclaimed Barn Beams

Hand hewn barn beams cut from old growth woods.

Reclaimed Lumber

Rough reclaimed lumber sawn from 100+ year old barn beams. We use our Timberking 2000 bandsaw to discover the hidden beauty inside these old growth timbers.

Barn Wood Siding

From silver to red, to brown, you can't duplicate the texture of these boards that have seen decades of weather.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Flooring

We sell reclaimed barn wood resawn from old barn beams and timbers. The natural beauty of this flooring cannot be matched with new growth woods.

Old Barn Dismantling

There are some barns that just can't be saved and many, like the one here, have fallen down. We have the equipment, experience and insurance to safely recover the barn wood from your property.

Reclaimed Wood Tables

There is nothing more sturdy than a reclaimed wood table. While furniture stores sell imitations, we build solid top tables to your specifications. Let us design and build one for you.

Reclaimed Wood...We Bring New Life To Old, Forgotten Wood.

At Reclaimed Wood, we are passionate about preserving the wood from old fallen barns and those in disrepair. Everytime we saw a timber, we find amazing character and colors found only in woods that have been preserved for decades. We turn that wood into products that you can utilize in your home or business.

Reclaimed Wood Products....


Reclaimed Wood Products

We make several types of products from reclaimed wood including flooring, trim work, furniture rough stock, accent walls, structural beams and furniture. 

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Barn Dismantling Service....

Barn Dismantling Service

We provide safe deconstruction of your old barn or building. We have the experience, equipment to take down or clean up fallen barns or buildings. We carry liability insurance to protect property owners.

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Our Customers Say....

Our Customers Say

"Being a furniture designer, I was looking for an aged aesthetic look and a quality material. After searching around the Michigan area I stumbled on Jimmy's reclaimed wood. Revisiting Jimmy several times I became familiar with the history of the wood, further infusing narrative within my designs." Tristan Roland Furniture Designer

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